Free Filters for Life*

We are revolutionizing the way you buy a paint booth. We are the only manufacturer offering free filters for the life of your booth. Clean filters will give you better air flow, cleaner paint finishes and less maintenance.

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* Free filters do not include shipping fees. Filters supplied are based on 100 hours per use on the exhaust and 600 hours of use on the intake. Replaced every 6 months. Total savings of $20,000 based on a 20 year life span.

Free filters available for all models. Call to learn more!


Outstanding Value,
# 1 Selling Spray Booth in the USA.

Double Wall Insulated Blue and White Heated Semi-Down Draft.

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Conqueror Spray Booth

Here is a video of our products showcased on Fox 10 Phoenix

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Showcased At Hovis Training Center

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